How do I know if my body is out of alignment?

Unfortunately, the majority of people are out of alignment. This is because “gravity never takes a vacation”. Our bodies are constantly negotiating the downward pull of gravity. Over time, old injuries, repetitive movements, stress, compensation patterns, and too much sitting, can pull us out of alignment. We experience this struggle with gravity as chronic feelings of tightness, fatigue, pain, and poor posture.

Does Rolfing Fix Problems?

Underlying our chronic back, neck, shoulder, leg and foot problems are long-standing structural and functional imbalances. Until we address the imbalances that show up as pain and dysfunction, we'll probably find no more than temporary relief. For our symptoms to be resolved, we need something beyond fixing: we need the balance and integrity that Rolfing can provide.

Does it Hurt?

When your chronic restrictions are released, you feel much better. The pressure used to make that release can be uncomfortable, at times even intense, but it is temporary. As clients, you determine with your Rolfer the level and depth of the work.


Does Rolfing Last?

Changes to our bodies from Rolfing are long lasting. When alignment and restrictions are corrected, clents do not tend to reestablish the patterns of tightness and compensation that brought them into a Rolfer's office. For most people, the effects of an initial treatment cycle not only endure, but continue to create more possibility for awareness and movement over time.